Anticipation is Over! HydraCoach®, Sportline’s Revolutionary Interactive Water Bottle, Hits Store Shelves Across the Country

With Launch of the HydraCoach, Sportline Takes Direct Aim at Motivating Individuals to Achieve and Maintain Proper Hydration

SALT LAKE CITY (Outdoor Retailer Show) – January 26, 2007 – Sportline, the brand leader in personal fitness monitoring, is pleased to announce that the revolutionary HydraCoach® interactive water bottle is now hitting retail stores and available for purchase.

Available for $29.99 at sporting goods locations throughout the country, as well as online at, HydraCoach is one of Sportline’s most anticipated product launches - designed specifically to help the vast number of individuals who struggle with achieving and maintaining proper daily hydration.

The intelligent water bottle does not simply tell people when to drink. It interactively manages hydration status through real-time feedback on fluid consumption relative to an individual’s pre-set personal hydration goals. As such, it provides a constant pacing function needed to ensure individuals drink steadily through the day.

Proper hydration is critical to the health and well-being of all people, regardless of age, gender or fitness level. However, most individuals find it difficult to simply remember to drink fluids on a regular basis, especially during exercise, let alone calculate and track their daily intake. The HydraCoach enables individuals to set personal hydration goals and then monitor their progress in real-time, generating motivation which is the key ingredient needed in changing long-term behavior.

“When it comes to overall health, achieving proper hydration is one of the most difficult goals to accomplish. It’s easy to set a daily hydration goal, but pacing oneself to achieve that goal is not so easy - nor is tracking one’s progress throughout the day” said Brian Anderson, president of Sportline. “Since introducing HydraCoach, it has become clear just how relevant this product is to so many different types of consumers. From fitness and outdoor enthusiasts and athletes to aging adults to individuals trying to lose weight, we have been inundated by emails and calls from people who can’t wait to try the new HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle.”

Unlike any water bottle on the market today, HydraCoach features a unique, patented hydration monitor that enables users to program in their personal hydration needs, track their daily water consumption sip by sip, and be coached throughout the day to achieve optimal hydration.

Since being unveiled as a prototype just 5 months ago, HydraCoach has been turning heads all around the country and has already been featured in venues like the Ellen Degeneres Show, ESPN’s Cold Pizza, L.A. Times, Wired magazine, Women’s Health magazine and Popular Science magazine.

The HydraCoach water bottle is the first collaborative effort between Sportline, Inc. and HydraCoach, Inc. HydraCoach was created from the personal hydration needs of Craig and Kelly Perkins, both lifelong avid outdoor enthusiasts. In 1996 the two were attempting to hike to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite, amazingly just 10 months after Kelly had undergone a heart transplant. During their descent Kelly became severely dehydrated, turning a triumphant comeback adventure into a nightmare epic, and putting Kelly back in the hospital.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of E&B, LLC in Yonkers, NY, Sportline is the performance brand leader in Personal Fitness Monitors (PFMs) and accessories. Sportline® products are designed to instill motivation, increase safety and bring greater enjoyment to all levels of fitness enthusiasts. The company offers the most comprehensive assortment of multi-functional pedometers, many featuring a patented Advanced Pendulum Design (APD) technology for unmatched accuracy. Sportline is the technology leader in strapless heart rate monitors and the brand behind the revolutionary HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle. Sportline also delivers a complete range of fitness walking accessories designed for storage, safety and portable music needs.

HydraCoach, Inc. is a design and product development company with sales and marketing capabilities. It researches, develops, outsources, markets and distributes portable, interactive, non-invasive hydration monitoring tools for active and health conscious individuals. The Company’s HydraCoach ® product line, based upon broadly patented technology, provides real-time feedback on the cumulative volume and rate of fluid intake, allowing individuals to easily attain fluid consumption goals. This “smart drinking system” will take hydration packs, and ordinary sports bottles and drinking containers to a new level with an evolutionary leap forward in functionality.

HydraCoach was founded by world-class climbers, Craig and Kelly Perkins, who conceived the idea out of personal necessity.

In September, 1996, Craig and Kelly were making their way down Half Dome in Yosemite after reaching its summit. This was Kelly’s first serious hike following a heart transplant operation only ten months earlier. Using a concealed hydration backpack, Kelly was unable to gauge her rate of fluid intake during the climb. Disastrously, she ran out of water four miles from the nearest stream. Severe dehydration put Kelly back in the hospital where she fortunately made a full recovery.

A movie is currently being produced about the life and achievements of Kelly Perkins. Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, the film is expected to air on the cable network, TNT, sometime this year.

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